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The Ultimate Guide to wooden Gazebo

Ultimate guide to wooden gazebo

We are here to guide you how to choose your best design for Gazebo, That how your decorate your Garden with Gazebos with different ideas of Gazebos

You are looking into a Gazebo for your yard but don’t know where to start. Finding out the different types of Gazebos, Sizes, materials used, and features as well as if you can do it yourself or need a contractor are all on your mind. That is where the ultimate guide to buying the right gazebo for you comes in.

What do you plan to use your gazebo for?

 From Celebration to relaxation –     how will you use your Gazebo?

  • Weddings
  • Celebrations
  • Receptions
  • Entertaining guest
  • Children’s playroom
  • Working from home gazebo
  • Increase home value up to Aed 100000

Besides being on a flat surface there are many different places you can put your gazebo.

  • Concrete pad
  • Existing patio
  • Pavers
  • Pool deck
  • Wooden deck
  • Sunny or shady area
  • Corner of yard
  • Focal point

After you know the gazebo dimensions and where you want to put the gazebo you might need to get a building permit.

Different Types of gazebos

  • Hot tub gazebo
  • Octagon
  • Gazebo on a pole
  • Pop up gazebo
  • Gazebo kits

  • Garden gazebo
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Large
  • Hexagon

Gazebos comes in two Different builds:

Wood or vinyl See which is better for you

Wooden type


Paint it any color

Built with cedar, pine, redwood and bamboo

Usually less expensive than vinyl

Usually less expensive than vinyl

Rustic and traditional look


Needs Maintenance

Can warp or rot without maintenance

Repainted or re-stained every couple of years


Vinyl type


Barely any maintenance

No staining, sealing or treating

Easy to clean by hose or power washing


Can be more expensive

No rustic wood look

No wide choice of colors

These 6 steps will help you decide everything from shape and size to flooring and roofing

  1. Shape: Octagonal, Square, oval, rectangular, or dodecagon
  2. Size: Small gazebos usually start around 8’x8’ where larger gazebos are upwards of 20’x40’
  3. Sidings and Railings: Vinyl or Wooden siding and railings. Turned spindles, baroque rails, and vinyl windows and screens are just a few options.
  4. Roof: Standard, cupolas, pagoda roofs, and tiered roofing are some popular styles. Also choose your post and railing styles to go along with them.
  5. Flooring: Wood decking from cedar to redwood composite and many more. Tropical decks include slate, mahogany, walnut, sand and stone cellular PVC and more.
  6. Optional Features; Electrical Package, screens and doors, vinyl windows, crown molding, or pathways to your gazebo with floral arrangements and gardening.

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